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Rawafed Development & Learning Centre is an educational social enterprise dedicated to empower underprivileged children & youth through different kinds of educational programs.

Rawafed believes that through education, these deprived youth, will be empowered to fight the cycle of poverty and be enabled to build a future for themselves that is not dependent on charity.

As a grass-roots organization, we have been functioning on many levels teaching basic literacy and numerical skills, preparing youth for the job market but more importantly initiating positive and lasting change to the lives of young people by enabling them to reach their full potential.

Rawafed is an organization that addresses problems at a grass roots level, focusing on fostering a sense of empowerment through a comprehensive and holistic approach that addresses educational, creative, physical and psychological needs of the youth through family and community based programs.

We provide a haven for the youth where they can learn and develop, so that they can make positive changes in their lives to become responsible and productive members of the community. Licensed under the Knowledge & Human Development Authority, in Dubai, the Centre opened in 2010. 

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